Jose Manuel Abascal inscrit als 10K d\’Andorra del proper 13 de juliol.


L\’atleta que va guanyar la medalla de bronze dels 1500 metres als Jocs Olímpics de Los Angeles, Jose Manuel Abascal, ha confirmat la seva presència als 10K d\’Andorra del proper cap de setmana. Els que vulguin córrer amb un medallista olímpic ho podra fer a Andorra el 13 de juliol. Les inscripcions a la cursa estan obertes en aquest mateix web. Cal recordar que el millor temps d\’Abascal a 1.500 metres va ser 3:31:13 el dia 16 d\’agost de 1986 en una màgica cursa feta a les pistes de la Zona Universitaria de Barcelona, la seva pista talismà on ja havia batut el seu primer rècord d\’Espanya aboslut de 1500 en 3:39 l\’any 1977, el primer espanyol que aconseguia baixar de 3:40 en 1.500 metres. Jose Manuel Abascal va nèixer l\’any 1958 a Santander i va viure a Barcelona tota la seva vida esportiva des que va arribar l\’any 1976 a la Residencia Blume d\’Esplugues. El seu entrenador era Gregorio Rojo. Tots recordem encara la fantàstica final olímpica de 1500 a Los Angeles on va guanyar la medalla per darrera de dos mites de l\’atletisme mundial, Seb Coe i Steve Cramm en el tercer millor 1500 de la historia com el qualifica la revista Running Times.| 3. 1984, LOS ANGELES (MEN) It was the climactic showdown of the five-year triple rivalry between Britain\’s Sebastian Coe, Steve Cram and Steve Ovett — Olympic champion, world champion, and world-record holder — three strong and often conflicting personalities, all ready for the Los Angeles Coliseum. Add two elite Americans in Steve Scott, so marginally edged by Cram for the 1983 world title, and Jim Spivey — not to mention the Kenyans and Spanish. In fact, it was Spain\’s José-Manuel Abascal who led at the bell, after relieving the over-anxious Scott. Into the last lap, they were all there, waiting. Until suddenly, one stopped. Ovett, gasping with a breathing problem, slumped inside the track, hands on his knees, while the field of his dreams flew away from him. Along the back straight Coe and Cram were poised at Abascal\’s shoulder. Just before the last bend, Coe flicked a glance to his right, and you could read his thoughts: \”It\’s Crammy! Let\’s get out of here!\” And genius was unleashed. Coe surged into the bend, Cram\’s long high stride going longer and higher as he chased. Then, into the straight, with smooth magic, like a bird on the wing, Coe accelerated again, just as he had done four years earlier at Moscow. It was the final flourish of a great artistic accomplishment. Fluent and triumphant, Coe won by almost a second, 3:32.53 to Cram\’s 3:33.40, with Abascal third. Coe is the only double-winner of the Olympic 1500. My firm belief is that he would have won for the third time in 1988, even at the elevated age of 32, if Britain\’s selectors had given him the opportunity.

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